Regulation– One for All and All Against COVID-19 Fund

What is the One for All and All Against COVID-19 Fund?
Thousands of people can be left helpless in the current scenario of COVID-19 and post-pandemic, especially in states with less prominence in the media such as Amazonas, Mato Grosso and Rondônia.

Thus, the idea of ​​the “One For All And All Against COVID-19” Fund came to fruition, an incentive network to encourage the donation from thousands of people (individuals and legal entities) to Social Organizations that are on the front line with families that are needing support at this time of crisis.

Initially, the One for All and All Against COVID-19 Fund aims to carry out emergency actions, such as donations of basic food baskets, however, its actions may extend to other donations, in case other issues are later identified in order to support the gradual return of activities of social institutions and those communities most affected.

Donations and registration of Social Organizations that will receive support from the Fund can be made through the website

Which states will benefit?
Social organizations in the states of Amazonas, Mato Grosso and Rondônia.

How can I make a donation?
Donations can be made through the website, by credit card, pay pal or bank slip. In these cases, the transfer of donation amounts is made through the Doare donation platform ( ).
It is also possible to donate via direct bank transfer to the Fund's account:
Bank: Sicredi
Branch: 0810
Account: 74775-5
André and Lucia Maggi Foundation
National Registry Nr - CNPJ: 01.832.808 / 0001-06

In the case of large-value donations or made by companies, contact the Foundation directly using the form available on the website. At this first moment, donations are made in basic food baskets. The donor can choose to donate from one basic food basket (which on the website has an average value of BRL80,00).

IMPORTANT: Donations directed to a specific municipality; the Fund can only mobilize delivery over 100 baskets. If this volume is not reached, the funds will be used to donate baskets in other municipalities.
How will donations be carried out?

The basic food baskets will be destined to social organizations that request support via registration on the website. These organizations, after being validated to receive such support, will distribute to families in situations of social vulnerability aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The organizations will also be able to work with other social organizations, independent social movements and groups of volunteers to serve other families, thus contributing to the locality.

In the case of smaller municipalities, which do not have social organizations that meet the criteria for receiving support, the Fund will donate basic food baskets to the municipality via existing and mapped public facilities, such as CRAS (Reference Center for Social Assistance), UPAS (Emergency Care Units), nurseries, schools, among others.

Who manages the Fund?
The Fund is managed by the André e Lucia Maggi Foundation, a social organization with no economic purpose that has been working with the community in these regions since 1997. It will work as follows:
• Opening a specific account to manage resources;
• Analysis of requests for support from Social Organizations;
• Financial management and accountability to society and institutional partners of the Fund;
• Advisory Committee.

How can social organizations register to receive support from the Fund?
Using the online form on the campaign website One for All and All Against COVID-19. It is important to pay attention to the criteria. In the form, it is necessary to include a summary of the Organization’s performance, among other information necessary for analysis by the internal committee.

Important: Filling out the form will not imply the automatic donation of basic food baskets.

How is the selection of institutions made?
The selection will be made after analysis of the criteria by the Fund's team. An important point that will be taken into account is how much the Organizations are prepared to deliver the basic food baskets at present, without putting the health of the beneficiary families, collaborators and voluntary partners at risk.

What are the selection criteria?
1- Have no economic or political purpose;
2- Have Bylaws, Legal Entity National Register (CNPJ) and Corporate Name;
3- Be legally constituted in at least one of these states: Amazonas, Mato Grosso and Rondônia;
4- Prove performance at present with its beneficiaries to minimize the impacts of COVID-19; guarantee capacity to act within basic principles of safety and prevention according to the WHO (World Health Organization) so that there are no agglomerations of people. Organize lines with demarcation on the floor of at least 02 meters distance between each person, provide safety equipment for employees, partners/volunteers such as masks, gloves and alcohol gel sanitizer and follow all other WHO recommendations;
5- Not violate the basic food baskets, and not deliver baskets that may have been violated, and the Foundation must be immediately reported of the referred situation so to analyze the destination of the said violated basket;
6- Not sell the basic food baskets received;
7- Ensure that the basic food baskets are stored in an appropriate, safe and sanitized place, aware that in case of loss of the basic food baskets, there will be no replacement;
8- Guarantee and safeguard the confidentiality of beneficiaries, such as: personal data (ID, Electoral Card, among others). The photographic records and / or filming during the delivery of the basic food basket should only be of the basic baskets, of photos far from movement, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the image and anonymity of the beneficiary family;
9- Deliver basic food baskets ensuring transparency and impartiality, respecting the social vulnerability of the family, without using it as an act of payment, barter, exchange of favors, political, ideological or religious interest;
10- At the end of each delivery, forward to the Foundation a report containing information on: (i) the number of families served, (ii) how many volunteers and/or collaborators worked on this action, (iii) if baskets were delivered of families/people served by other organizations in the region, in addition to photographic and video records, as specified in item 8.
11- Demonstrate the ability to work in a network with other social organizations and public facilities, if there is a need to act together to serve the same region;
12- We will also take into consideration whether the Neighborhood/City appointed by the Social Organization already has an organization previously approved, which can partner up with other organizations, maintaining a single distribution center for all mapped beneficiaries.

Can individuals apply to receive donations?
Individuals will not be able to register, only social organizations with no economic or political purpose, which have Bylaws, Minutes of the last election, National Registry Nr. - CNPJ and Corporate Name, among other points already described in the criteria.